Background & History

Chii Racing_Grey

Chii Racing Culture is a multifunctional car team and company founded under strict principles of family and business. The initial component of Chii Racing Culture is the team. Chii Racing Culture’s full membership includes more than 50 vehicles (import, domestic and European makes), along with motorcycles, models and DJ’s. As a team, the most vital building block was the establishment of a family environment, in which all members were equal parts of the team. The team reflects that mission statement as it truly does create its own “culture”. The secondary function of Chii Racing Culture is the business and marketing element. Through its sponsors, social media outlets and industry connections Chii Racing has the rare ability to effectively promote and market, both, within and externally of the auto industry.

Chii Racing Culture prides itself in its consistent growth and established name. Being a regular winner at countless events, Chii Racing Culture has been able to rack up the awards and recognition from its peers.

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